Re: SFDC Campaign Statuses and Briefing Sales on Campaigns

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SFDC Campaign Statuses and Briefing Sales on Campaigns

I am curious about what others do to inform sales about upcoming email campaigns, and what program statuses (how much info?) do you sync with SFDC for campaigns related to emails?

We have some sales people requesting more detail about who is bouncing and clicking for prospecting, and generally we've only synced over "conversion" statuses (Downloaded, Registered, Attended).  I may sync the bounce reason field over to SFDC, and this data is available in Sales Insight at lead/contact record as well.     We avoid the SFDC Activity Sync because that maxed our SFDC API calls.  Does anyone sync all or some email activity (bounce, clicks, open).  Do you include all members of the program to show who you're targeting?

We provide an email brief prior to our campaign which answers:

  • What - What is the CTA/Asset/Event/Webinar?
  • Who We're Targeting - What segment/region and how many prospects
  • When - when we're launching
  • Who Responded (link to SFDC campaign status report)

    It features a link to the landing page and it includes the actual email that will be sent.  This email is also cross-posted in SFDC Chatter.

I am interested in hearing your approach.

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Re: SFDC Campaign Statuses and Briefing Sales on Campaigns

I'm definitely a fan of only syncing 'success' statues as defined in your Marketo channels. For communicating with sales, if you have workspaces, you can always send them your emails as well so they can see what the message was and who you were sending it to. Alternatively, you can add a decent amount of this information either into Sales Insight or into the campaign itself.

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Re: SFDC Campaign Statuses and Briefing Sales on Campaigns

I've had similar requests from my sales team and, much to my chagrin, I was managed into syncing those activities into the SFDC Activity History. As a result, my Market account manager is going to train them on the benefits of using MSI instead. In many cases, there is no reason for them to know those details outside of MSI (although if Marketo marks an email address as unmarketable, I create a task for sales to follow up as part of cleaning data).

As far as communicating with my sales team, I comment on the SFDC campaign with all the details they need (including the landing page) and mention the appropriate sales groups. I then typically add all members to the campaign for their review. We try not to send any email outside of Chatter, so I don't bother with that step.

I think you're going about this correctly! Has your team been missing important info or asking for more?

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Re: SFDC Campaign Statuses and Briefing Sales on Campaigns

Thanks for the input. I agree that MSI should be enough.  Rather than adjust the syncing beyond program successes,  I will educate them about the Marketo Lifecycle Status value of "Engaged" so they can use that status to help them prioritize outreach to prospects that are more that have taken some action.  They can then add that into call lists/reports into SFDC.