SF Dedicated Profile and SF User Account

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SF Dedicated Profile and SF User Account

Brand new to Marketo and in the process of syncing with our Salesforce.  We are a small firm with two Salesforce users, myself the system administrator and another user that performs our marketing.  When I create the dedicated profile, should I set the profile up as a system administrator or standard user?  When I move onto create the Salesforce user account, is it possible to have myself as the user account assigned to the profile, or should I add a new dedicated Marketo user?  As I noted, we have two paid users.  If possible, I would like to avoid adding another user to our Salesforce agreement.


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Re: SF Dedicated Profile and SF User Account

Please see the docs. Do a search here too as there are more details.

It is preferred to have a separate User because you can better troubleshoot and contain changes Marketo makes.

You would then create a Profile and give the Marketo User access to just what you want.

I would be loath to allow Marketo User Sysadmin access as a security risk, but I've seen people do this.