Setting Up a New Engagement Program

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Setting Up a New Engagement Program


Being new to Marketo and new to Engagement programs, I am a bit confused and could use some help setting up the streams. Here is flow I would like to use. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Leads will be added to the stream based on a salesforce opportunity field "Demo no show" (y/n). If the field is yes, then we want to include them in the stream. Before each email is sent, I would like to build in a decision rule that asks if the Demo no show field is still yes. If it changes to no, then we want to them stop receiving content. There are a total of 3 emails. I'd like the emails sent 7 days apart.

Should I set each email up as a different program, use 3 different streams, should I use triggers?

Everyone seems to be setting up programs differently and now I am completely confused. Also, how should I set this up so we have the metrics tracked using RCA.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks - Jenn

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Re: Setting Up a New Engagement Program

This may help a bit:

You have to do the following:
  1. Create a Program
  2. Setup a Smart List inside that has your leads.
  3. have a campaign flow to Add to Engagement and Stream that triggers when your field changes to Yes
  4. have a campaign flow to Remove from Engagement that triggers when your field changes to No
  5. Set your cadence to 7 days ( or Wait Steps of 7 Days ends on M-F) between emails
  6. Create 1 stream
  7. Add the emails to the stream, they can be in the Program or elsewhere.
So I realized the above would work pretty well for a standard Email Blast Program with wait steps of 7 days between. In fact, that might be your easiest solution.

For Engagement Programs:, you may have to add Stream 2 and have nothing in there. The Transition Rule on Stream 2 is a trigger that says when field changes to No, pull into Stream 2. Since there's nothing in Stream 2, the lead is Exhausted. For some reason there's no command to say "Change Status to Exhausted" or "Remove from Stream" without pulling the lead out entirely from the Engagement Program.
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Re: Setting Up a New Engagement Program

To add to Josh's response:

Removing the lead from the engagement nurture program will delete any metrics that are associated with that lead. If that is a concern to you, then set the following smart campaign

smart list: trigger when "Demo no show" = no
flow: change engagement program cadence, Program=X new value=paused

Pausing instead of removing will retain the data already accumulated in that nurture program.