Set Smartlist Criteria via API

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Set Smartlist Criteria via API

I need to see if the Marketo API is able to set the criteria of a smartlist. Here is what I need to do:

We have an option for our customers to subscribe to be notified if our documentation is updated. This documentation has many different topics and the users subscribe to the topics they are interested in. We would like to send out a weekly email giving these subscribers the links to the documents that were updated in the last week.

I only want to send to those subscribers whose topics were updated in the last week. To do this, I would need to have a smart list updated on a weekly basis to reflect the preferences that were updated in the last week.

The goal would be to have this be automated and not rely on a user to update this smartlist. My thought would be to have an API call update the criteria of the smartlist on a scheduled basis.

I could not find any documentation on this and wanted to check with the greater community to see if anyone has done this or has any other ideas.

As it sits right now, the plan would be to have a service gather the updated topics, query Marketo for the contacts/leads who are subscribed to those topics, then post those in a static list.

Any help would be great.


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Re: Set Smartlist Criteria via API

This is not possible as described, no.

But I would use Schedule Campaign in this scenario.

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Re: Set Smartlist Criteria via API

Hi Antony,

AFAIK, there is not API endpoint for smart lists.

I would set it from the opposite side: when the fields are updated, I would update a date field. Then I would set a smart list that would select anyone which date would be less than 2 weeks old.