Set Lead Source equal to Program Channel?

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Set Lead Source equal to Program Channel?

I would like to populate Lead Source with the Channel of the Lead Acquisition Program and have been so far unable to find a way to automate this with a data management campaign.

So far, it seems my options are:

1. Specify the Lead Source in a hidden field on the form used in acquisition
    This requires that forms become Channel specific

2. Set the Lead Source in each campaign based on the Channel of its parent program
    Since there is no pick list for Channel available from within the flow, users must type the Channel name precisely each time

3. Set a Channel token at the Program level and pull that value into the campaign
    A bit better than #2 in that campaign cloning becomes easier if the Channel value doesn't have to be changed in the flow.

Are there options I've not thought of?
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Re: Set Lead Source equal to Program Channel?

Not sure if there are any other options, but I personally like option #3, especially if your users are already used to cloning and you have some strong templates built up. 
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Re: Set Lead Source equal to Program Channel?

Those are the options that would be the easiest. I agree with Dory that #3 will be fastest.

Another option is a variation on #1, where you populate the hidden field with a URL parameter. I don't recommend that here unless you plan to track things like Offer, Channel, and more.
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Re: Set Lead Source equal to Program Channel?

I capture the source by adding a Hidden field, then using a URL Parameter. (a custom field we added)

The edit the field,  manually add the parameter name and leave Default Value blank.  (see second screen shot)

This is dynamically populating the source field. So far so good.

This is also dependent on if you want to use UTM Campaign as your source, if you don't then this wouldn't work for you.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 3.19.10 PM.png

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 10.41.20 AM.png