Sending out the same email multiple times in a nurture stream

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Sending out the same email multiple times in a nurture stream

I would like to send the same email to leads within a nurture program who haven't taken a certain action every 6 months. I thought I would just be able to add the same email to a stream multiple times but streams don't allow duplicate content.

Is there any way to do this without having to create multiple versions of the same email?



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Re: Sending out the same email multiple times in a nurture stream

If you insert the email asset into the stream already, they can't get the same email asset again as the stream is setup in that way.

What I do for multiple reasons is use smart campaigns to send the email. It treats the smart campaign as the asset not the email. If you already inserted the email asset, use a smart campaign next, this also allows you filter out in the flow step anyone who already opened/clicked on the first email.

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 9.53.33 PM.png

I use smart campaigns for these reasons:

  1. Allows me to A/B test emails (random 50% in filter option)
  2. Can filter in the flow step using "Add Choice"
  3. Let's me reuse the same email asset (which is what you are looking for)
    • Ideally though you would make some tweaks. Especially on subject lines. Some email clients cascade emails with the same subject lines. Also if your original email was not engaged much, it may have been perceived as spam from the email client and the second send will go to Junk/Spam folder if it contains the same subject line. With a new subject line and a small tweak in the body copy it may give you a second opportunity on top of their inbox.

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 9.53.39 PM.png

Just to note, this activates multiple batches the stream and the programs, which may take a bit longer to process. I use this method when I have a small amount of leads going through each time. Or ensure nothing large is running during the same time. Here's an article in marketo docs that may be helpful.