Re: Send email upon form completion?

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Send email upon form completion?

I am creating a landing page where a lead can download a whitepaper after completing a form.  Upon form completion, I'd like to trigger an email to be sent with the download link instead of taking the lead to a thank you landing page.  

After searching in the Community, I see an example where "email blast. My thank you page 2" is sent upon completion.  When creating my form, I only see options for landing pages.  How do I include a Thank You email as part of these choices?
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Re: Send email upon form completion?

You will need a trigger-based smart campaign watching for the form submit. The trigger will be "filled out form". The flow in this smart campaign will be the flow step "send email". This is where you link your email to the form submit. Also, you will want to change their status in the program that they converted in to succes with a flow step in this smart campaign.
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Re: Send email upon form completion?

The form options are to set what follow up page you want the lead to be directed to upon completion of the form.

As Mark said, the flow for sending the email will look something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 10.26.42 AM.png

I keep my assets for white papers, ebooks, guides, all in one program. That includes the landing page, follow up page, email confirmation, social promotion, and smart campaigns. That way I can easily track all the leads that downloaded that asset and which channel they came from.

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Re: Send email upon form completion?

You can set the landing page to "stay on page", or simply create a landing page that says something like "Thank you. We've emailed you the Whitepaper."

Then create a smart campaign that uses the "trigger" fills out form. There you will be able to also select the flow, "send email". As long as your email is already approved in Marketo, you can select it from the drop-down menu.

PS it's very important you use the trigger (lightning bolt) "fills out form", not the filter "filled out form". The trigger will be automatic every time someone completes the form.

Hope this helps!