Semi-Gated Content - Time Based or Percent Based Gate Trigger

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Semi-Gated Content - Time Based or Percent Based Gate Trigger

Hello Marketo Community,

I am working with my team on a piece of content that we would like to make semi-gated upon launch. Currently, we plan on the content being a gift guide with various gift packages a user can jump to based on the interest of the person they are buying the gift for. This allows the shopper (who likely does not have knowledge on the product they are shopping for) to lean on the authority of the brand to purchase a gift on a topic they may not know much about.

That being said, the content will have written content in addition to different product listings, but nowhere near as much content as what is found in an article, report, or white paper.

Our current plan is to gate the content based on one of the following two parameters.

1. Once the user scrolls X% down the page

2. Once a user spends Y amount of time on the page.

My question is have any of you seen success with either of these modes of gating content? If so, how did you go about finding the optimum time or % to display the gate to the customer? And finally, are there any other Semi-gate tactics we might not have thought of that you'd like to throw out there as a possibility to help this asset reach its highest potential?