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Selecting Multiple Tags

Is there a way to select multiple of the same tag when setting up a program? The way we use the tags is to identify out major business units and tag them oranges, apples, pineapples, etc. so we can identify what is getting the best outcome.

However, sometimes we do promotions that span across these BUs and I want to capture all of that information, so using the example above I would want to mark them with oranges and pineapples from one drop down. I can go in and create a second dropdown with the same option but that starts to get crowded and overall cluttered.

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Re: Selecting Multiple Tags

I'd try and use tags in a broader approach; IE create multiple tag types that identify all the different parts your reporting. f you don't want to create multiple tags, you could always create a custom field and have it marked to indicate that it spans multiple branches. Ideally, though, you'd use tags to properly identify all the various aspects of your reporting and just separate these parts out. Otherwise I'd recommend to pick just one part that the promotion fits the MOST and pull that (IE create stricter definitons). 
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Re: Selecting Multiple Tags

Hi Nicole-
Tags are limited to a single selection - so no multi-pick per attribute.  However, as Kristen mentioned, you are really not limited to how many tags you use so you just have to balance how many tags you have, how many you require, and to what granularaity do you build them to be.  Is this a metric tied to the person or to the program - because if it is at the person level, then are there rules to how long this attribute would remain true for the individual (i.e. once an orange, always an orange)?  Answering those types of questions up front will help you get to your solution.