Segmenting on Account-Level Fields

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Segmenting on Account-Level Fields

We are experiencing issues with a segmentation that is based on account-level fields. We have been informed that it is not always best practice to segment on the account level because if there is ever a change on a contact at that account, not all contacts/leads will register the data value change needed to trigger a segment update.

Does anyone have additional information/experience segmenting on the account level? i.e. customer/prospect, organization size, vertical/industry

Kim Burditt
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Re: Segmenting on Account-Level Fields

Can you describe more about what you are Segmenting on? What is the expected behavior vs. what you see?

the challenge with Account field is that they will only bring in SFDC Contacts when populated. But blank fields may or may not bring up a Lead record.

If you are pointing at the Account field, I'm unsure why the Contact level would matter here unless the field was on both records and mapped. I would find it odd that a CDV wouldn't register properly.

Have you tested changing the field(s) on an Account vs. Contact to see what occurs in the logs?

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Re: Segmenting on Account-Level Fields

Hi Kim,

I really do not understand what was told to you. If there is a change to the contact, and you segmentation is based on account fields, why would the segmentation have t change ?

We have created numerous segmentations on account fields an never observed any issue.