Security and Permission Options The Nation Craves

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Security and Permission Options The Nation Craves

Grégoire Michel​, Dan Stevens

Now that we know that Audit trail ( is on it's way, we have the feeling that some security topics needs to be addressed, specifically in large enterprises.

1-Making sure that the users work where they are supposed to

These ideas related to how we can control in which spaces of a Marketo application a user can work:

2-Better control the functionality a user has across the instance:

This section is about better controlling the Marketo functionality a User can leverage, with regards to his maturity with the system and the organization and processes that are set. Most of these items relate to the granularity of user permissions, as described here Permissions required to send a sample?(Thx Dory Viscogliosi​), here: User Permission for Removing A/B Test from Email Program​ (Thx Amanda Song), here: Managing user permissions / roles and approval processes ​(Thx Nathan Allison), here: Is there a role permission for Create Program? (Thx Jayson Cote ​) and here Custom Role to prevent user NOT to edit Lead Database Smart Lists. All in all, this summarizes in a few ideas:

3-Prohibiting users to change critical assets in the instance:

This section is about making sure that a less experienced users cannot inadvertently modify an asset in the instance through some level or locking and permissions, as expressed here: Lock down permissions to certain forms or campaigns​ (Thx Amanda Cook😞

4-Security of data

This series of ideas relate more on how we can better secure the data from being wrongfully exported and distributed to non authorized internal and external users, as more and more company become sensitive about data privacy and data ownership

5-User management and compliance

More and more companies would also love to see Marketo strengthening its capacity to comply with high standard or user management, documentation and compliance:

  • (Thx FIS API User ) and (Thx Mike Truong ) would be needed to that creating doc is not too painful
  • User management should enable to deactivate a user without having to delete it, so that it remains in the system for the sake of traceability: and (Thx Grégoire Michel)
  • Password management should also be strenghtened as expressed here:
  • Admins should be notified when some weird behavior are detected: (Thx Shannan Garrett Cooper )


Using Marketo within the constraints of larger security frameworks shoud also be made easier:

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Re: Security and Permission Options The Nation Craves

Thx Robb for putting this together.

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Re: Security and Permission Options The Nation Craves

This is a fantastic list that will hopefully surface some of the much-needed security/permissions capabilities for future consideration in Marketo.  These ideas alone - if actioned - will help better position Marketo as a true enterprise-level (global) marketing automation platform.