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Searching Marketing Activities

Is there an easy way to search the Marketing Activities folder for programs other than using the filters (Program Types) in the search bar at the top.  Surely we should be able to search and filter for programs based on the Tags we allocate. If I need to look up a program created by a certain user for example, why can I not filter by Author Tag.

Any solution or advice would be appreciated.



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Re: Searching Marketing Activities

I agree - search is very limited in MA.  For us, we use tags heavily (channel, campaign alignment, core offerings, event type, content type, region, industry, etc.).  Leveraging tags for this would be so useful.  You might want to add your thoughts to this thread: How can we improve Tags in Marketo?

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Re: Searching Marketing Activities

Hey Gerard Donnelly!

As the current PM working on Search for our new user experience, the team and I would love to hear from you on your thoughts about searching with Tags in detail. Furthermore (Dan Stevens​), we would love to find out more about how you use your tags to leverage that knowledge for Search as well! Please shoot me an email to let me know what you think and we can set up some time to chat more.


Brian Kim

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