SAP eCommerce Platform and Marketo

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SAP eCommerce Platform and Marketo

I have a client whose website platform will be migrating to SAP eCommerce Platform. I was asked to research whether there were any issues with embedding Marketo forms on a site built on the SAP eCommerce Platform or embedding munchkin code in it's pages. My instinctive reaction is that since Munchkin and Marketo Form Embed codes are JavaScript, there shouldn't be an issue. However, I have no expertise in website platforms in general and am unfamiliar with the SAP eCommerce Platform. It sounds like it's more than a tool for building websites based on the name. Can anyone help me out with this question?


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Re: SAP eCommerce Platform and Marketo

Do they mean SAP Commerce Cloud, specifically? Or a 3rd-party but SAP-integrated platform?