Sandbox set up

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Sandbox set up

We have access to our sandbox environment and its not set up the same as our live environment. How do we get this set up so it has the same structure? is it a paid service or should be set up as part of the sandbox set up with the implementation? thanks

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Re: Sandbox set up

Marketo Sandbox does not work the same way as SFDC sandbox.

If you connect your sandbox to your prod instance (ask Support using the account strings), you can import programs between the instances. However, your fields in sandbox will have to match otherwise moving your lead lifecycle or scoring will throw an error if they aren't a match. Read up on Import Program.

I've pretty  much never mirrored my instances. I have tried testing things like Lead Scoring ahead of time, but it's rarely necessary to do a real mirror because you can easily test major lifecycle changes in Production if you are careful. See my testing docs on