Sample eMail is not responsive in mobile device

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Sample eMail is not responsive in mobile device

Hi.  We are new to Marketo and are finishing up our first email.  When I view the sample email I send to myself in the Gmail app on my phone (iPhone), the email is not responsive.  So, text that is in three columns does not stack like it does in the responsive preview mode in Marketo, rather, it is on one row.  

How do we make the email be responsive?  Is this a Marketo issue, or an issue with our template?

Preview in Gmail app:

Marketo eMail Gmail Preview.PNG

Preview in Marketo, Phone view:

Marketo eMail Phone Preview.PNG

For reference, attached are screenshots showing how it looks in the Gmail app and in the Marketo phone preview.


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Re: Sample eMail is not responsive in mobile device

If you designed the template, then responsiveness your responsibility... Marketo does not automatically responsive-ize your HTML.

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Re: Sample eMail is not responsive in mobile device

On top of Sanford's reply, which is that the template is your responsibility, Gmail has specific constraints with regards to responsive design. Until very recently, Google would not support media queries, because they were promoted by Apple...

So it also all depends on the version of Android or gmail app you are using.

If you are using Marketo starter templates, they are not pixel perfect with regards to responsiveness either.


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Re: Sample eMail is not responsive in mobile device

This was using the template that Marketo set up for us.  We thought the email we sent would match the preview option within Marketo.  Thanks!

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Re: Sample eMail is not responsive in mobile device

Hi Michelle,

Which template did they use? It seems like it is one of the starter templates as Gregoire mentioned. I would also not rely on the preview option within Marketo as will want to ensure you're running tests outside of Marketo or even using a tool like Email on Acid to see how the email renders across all clients, apps, and devices.

If the template is not responsive, that is something that your team will have to do on your own. I do highly recommend using a resource to create a responsive template that will have specific modules that can handle any use case that comes your way. 

Once you have a master template you can even break that out into specific program templates to reduce the amount of time your team spends creating assets and removing a ton of modules from the master template. 

Let me know if you have any other questions. 


Cory Gabor

Marketing Consultant