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Salesforce sync help

Hi all! We're working on setting up our web forms to go directly to the sales rep if the contact is already in SFDC. The field that triggers that is at the account level. Once it is changed to a specific value, it kicks off SFDC workflows that send out alerts to owners & managers and such. Eventually we will be moving all of this into Marketo, but for now, this is what it has to be.

My problem is that I have my campaign in Marketo set to change the value on the account level field to that value, which Marketo is doing, but that change never makes it back into SFDC. Any idea why? Everything else is working... it sends out an alert, it adds an activity for the rep, etc. But that 1 field which is critical is not changing in SFDC. 

Help! 🙂
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Re: Salesforce sync help

Marketo does not update the account object unless you contact Marketo support and ask them to enable this. However, be very careful if you go that route because there are many implications that go along with Marketo updating accounts. For example, you probably don't want Marketo updating account names - especially customer accounts. Make sure all of the appropriate fields are blocked from updates.

Why is your SFDC trigger account-based and not contact-based? It's the contact who completes the form.

Also, before moving everything to Marketo, I'd run a few tests on Marketo alert deliverability. If your internal SPAM filter tends to block Marketo, you may find the SFDC alerts more reliable.
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Re: Salesforce sync help

Hi Amber,

Is your instacne/sync set up to allow updates to the account object in SFDC?
Out of the box Marketo doesn't update the account object in SFDC, it's read only, to enable it you would need to contact spport.