Salesforce Sync Error - how to access lead in error lists ?

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Salesforce Sync Error - how to access lead in error lists ?

HI everyone


We are often getting some "Salesforce Sync Error" for various dataquality reason

- FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION: External Source is mandatory when Lead Source is External Source 

- FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION: Numbers and parentheses allowed only when there is at least one letter in the field value 


I realsied that Marketo manage some static list with leads in error but i can't find them whithout the link.

in  the alert, Marketo insert a link to this list when more than 5 error of the same type occure the same day.


My question : is there a central place where this static list are stored and available to explore those error and make a big data quality cleaning versus waiting for those error to occure to get notified ? 



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Re: Salesforce Sync Error - how to access lead in error lists ?

These static lists are generated by the system when more than 5 people encounter the SFDC sync error. These lists are not stored/created at a central place for end users to refer (as they are system managed). However, you can create SLs in Marketo with apt. filters to identify people who don't have data in respective fields as per the custom field validation rules set in SFDC. This will help you to identify all the people in your Marketo DB with errorneous/invalid values and then you can work your way towards fixing them.


I think it's best to fix all the existing people in your DB so that they do not encounter sync errors instead of waiting for the sync errors to happen and then fixing them. Along, the same lines, you'd also want to identify and fix the sources that are creating/updating people such that their field values are not as per the custom field validation rules set in SFDC.