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Salesforce Object Sync

I'm still new to managing our Marketo instance and I came across an issue today. Does anyone know how to test/manually push the sync between Marketo and Salesforce or how to check when the next sync will happen?

We loaded a list of 900 contacts into Marketo (they were already in SFDC) to update their information in bulk, but not all of the information updated in Salesforce. If I go to the activity history in Marketo it shows all of my changes were updated in Marketo but not SFDC. I went to the "Salesforce Object Sync" section in the Marketo admin tab and I saw the below image. Is this what I am to be seeing in this section if the sync is successfully connected? Any guidance on troubleshooting this would be appreciated.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 5.14.34 PM.png

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Re: Salesforce Object Sync

Honestly, you're a bit all over the place there. Can you take a step back and tell us what you're trying to accomplish?

Here, you're talking about the contacts sync, and delving into the object sync, which doesn't have anything to do with the standard objects honestly, it's all about custom objects.

There are a few reasons why something might update in Marketo and not Salesforce:

1. Backlog - sometimes things just take some time

2. Are you 100 SURE you did not create new leads when uploading them into Marketo and that they all deduped with the existing Salesforce records? The method you have done this is not exactly the way I'd recommend mass updating contacts.

3. Are any of the your records/fields being blocked from updating in SFDC (persmissions issues).