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Salesforce Object Sync

I am trying to sync all opportunities and I am not having success or maybe I am not understanding correctly how this functionality works.  The docs say that Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Users, Opportunites, etc can be synced.  I understand this to mean when I look at the Salesforce Objects Sync and collapse all objects to the top level, I would be able to see all of these objects.  As it is, collapsed only Lead, Contact, and Account show.  Does opportunity not have its own entry?


With following help in other discussions, I have logged into Salesforce as the Marketo user.  I can see Contacts, Opportunities, and the Opportunity Contact Roles.  I have performed a schema sync as well.  Am I not understanding how this is suppsed to work or may something else be going on that I need to dig into further?

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Re: Salesforce Object Sync

if you're trying to see opportunity records, you'll have to view them per person record in the Opportunities tab. There is no tabular view of opportunities available in the Marketo UI

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Re: Salesforce Object Sync

Hello @Jay_Jiang ,


Assuming the sync configuration was set up properly you should be able to access individual Opportunities via



You can view aggregate opportunity data in other places like reporting, RCE, Performance Insights, etc.



  • So set up a smart list and use smart lists with opportunity related filters to check and see if Marketo is pulling in what you are looking for if you suspect you are missing data.
  • Next check with support if you are experiencing a backlog.
    • This is usually the most common issue.  You just need to wait on data to flow over to Marketo.
  • If you are still missing data you may need to check to make sure you are not blocking with sync filters on that object (albeit this is very rare).