Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Marketo Migration

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Marketo Migration

Hi Community, 


I have a client wanting to get a baseline for migrating to Marketo from Salesforce Marketing Cloud (integration with SalesWings for Lead Scoring). We are considering using another outside agency to help in migration efforts. Before I get bombarded with sales calls and questions, wondering what the overall ballpark number would be for a migration like this?

I understand this is a pretty broad question. Things to migrate include: assets (forms, landing pages/templates, emails/templates), lead scoring logic, certain automated journeys etc. This includes 3-4 years of archived assets and historical data. Again just looking for a number that would be expected for this kind of effort. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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Re: Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Marketo Migration

Hi Tazzy,

Based on your post on community "Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Marketo Migration". I would like to assist however, I have few queries before we can share the nearest Ballpark figures with you.  You are currently moving from B2C to B2B platform which means direct integration may not be possible maybe custom built API will be used including the flat file system. Also, can we have some understanding of the volume metrics of the things you need to migrate as there's a possiblity that you'll probably be needing the data enrichment, data cleanising also. So If I have some details I might be in better position to share some Ballpark figures.
Looking forward to your response.
Tanush B