Salesforce EDM notification

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Salesforce EDM notification


I'm new to Marketo so this may be a stupid question. Is there a way we can set up a notification for the sales managers to know which emails have been sent to their Contacts and leads?

I know that in salesforce we have the Marketo sales insights area which shows you which emails were to sent to that contact, but is there a way of automating a report or similar that lets the manager know so that they can follow up? Can these be set up in Salesforce or Marketo?

Any help would be great.

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Re: Salesforce EDM notification

Hi Samantha,

Please move this question to the Products section where it belongs. Champion Program is for question about the program itself.

In Marketo you can create reports or smart lists and subscribe people to them.

But honestly, I am not sure I would do this, this will overload the sales managers with reports