Sales Insights Reporting

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Sales Insights Reporting

Hello Marketo Community!

We are in the process of attempting to get our sales team using Sales Insights between Marketo and SFDC and I need some help in understanding the reporting views in SFDC for Marketo. Our sales team, like many others, are responsible for specific regions. As a result, they want to be able to see which emails have had most success per region.

In order to provide that view for them, I created a custom view in the "My Email" tab of Marketo in SFDC, taking the following steps:

  • Create New View
  • View Name: My CA Leads
  • Show Only: Leads
  • Filter By Owner
  • Custom Filter: Operator

However, once that view is saved and showing under Custom Views, each time I select it, I am ported to the "Best Bets" tab. This is potentially something that is going to prevent the sales team from adopting this platform as they aren't able to see reporting based on just the emails they have sent.

Is there something I am missing here? Have I created the report incorrectly? While I know we can report on Sales Email Performance using the custom report in Marketo, I need to be able to have this reporting functionality in SFDC for adoption by the sales team. Why doesn't the custom view I created show in the "My Emails" tab?

Any thoughts/insight/suggestions are much appreciated!


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Re: Sales Insights Reporting

I don't believe that custom views ever worked with MSI in SFDC.

You should run a report in Marketo and subscribe your sales team to it by Territory. The report allows you to group by Sales Owner.

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Re: Sales Insights Reporting

Thanks for the update Josh.

We will work on the Marketo report and customize to overcome that issue in SFDC.

Appreciate the quick response!