Sales Force Campaign Lead Upload from Marketo

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Sales Force Campaign Lead Upload from Marketo

Hi there,

I am I am trying to upload leads into a campaign on SFDC from marketo. I added all the leads to a list, and have a trigger campaign that is supposed to add them to the SFDC campaign. A lot of the leads go over, but for some reason others aren't making there way to SFDC. I am getting the following message in the contacts activity log:

Sync Person to SFDC caught exception


Failed: FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION: There's a problem with this country, even though it may appear correct. Please select a country/territory from the list of valid countries.: Country

All of the leads have the same country field selected which is USA. This is the correct country selection in SFDC so I'm not sure why i'm getting this message, especially when other are getting through fine with the same field selected.



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Re: Sales Force Campaign Lead Upload from Marketo

Yeah - this is usually the message you get when you try to sync somebody with a value that isn't in the picklist validation for SFDC - can you go back and 100% check that the lead that is being pushed across to SFDC is exactly the same format? USA can mistakenly be U.S.A or USA. or usa (caps matter for SFDC picklist validation)... just make sure they are exactly the same. Also check that the person wasn't previously lready in Marketo with the wrong country value and you perhaps have a block field update on Country? I mean, there's could be lots of scenarios here, just make sure the data you're attempting to pass across is exactly what you think it is.