RTP "All content" shows stage URLs

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RTP "All content" shows stage URLs

On our website, RTP predictive content is also crawling the stage URLs. Does it mean that visitor activity on stage environment will be considered and predictive content will also include staging behavoir to show the final preditive content to visitors on the live site.

Staging is the testing environment and we open multiple pages for validation, If this behavior is considered while offering the predictive content to users then all recommendations might go irrelevant.

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Re: RTP "All content" shows stage URLs

It should not make any influence, assuming your staging visits and metrics are much smaller than site wide visits and averages. Make sure you do not approve, enable any stage pieces of content for Predictive.

If it bothers you, you can set up separate stage domain and RTP JS code to do your testing on stage, but I wouldn't worry about it.