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RTP as a proxy for Google Tag Manager

I am new to RTP and am trying to figure out how it works with Google Analytics. I have been looking through the product documentation, but it is not very clear. It seems that on the simplest level I can replace the JavaScript code snippet provided by Google Tag Manager with a JavaScript code snippet provided by the RTP module. The RTP module will act as a proxy for Google Tag Manager, allowing me to see the web traffic in Google Tag Manager, enhanced with RTP's firmographic and possibly other personalization data.

However, nowhere in the documentation I see where I enter the container ID (GTM-XXXXX) or Tracking ID (UA-XXXXXXX) , I guess RTP is able to figure this information out based on adding to Google Analytics account?

I would appreciate if somebody could confirm if my understanding is correct.

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Re: RTP as a proxy for Google Tag Manager

I'm not fully immersed with RTP, however I'm familiar with this from a high level.

The RTP Script is to be used in conjunction with the GA/UA Script instead of in place of it.  They both collect different sets of data.

I'd like to think of this as a simple one way integration from RTP>GA

RTP Script - Add this to your landing pages so that RTP can collect data from the visitor.  It collects all kinds of data, however for this specific scenario, this is the data that it will collect from visitors and push to GA:

  1. Organizations and industries
  2. Customized segments in RTP
  3. Account-Based Marketing lists