RSS Feeds & Reporting

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RSS Feeds & Reporting

We're taking a look at Digesto as a possible RSS feeds solution.

From other discussions in the community, it appears the reporting on RSS emails requires a workaround since each outbound send is all sent from same Email Program, using the same Email asset (as expected).

I'm trying to get an idea just how much of a workaround it is, in order to get accurate reporting. Any insight or any examples (with details redacted of course) would be much appreciated.

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Re: RSS Feeds & Reporting

We are in the process of using the similar concept for our auto blog emails. Since the emails will go out on a predetermined day and time, I think limiting my reporting to last week will provide a satisfactory reporting. But looking forward to hear how others will say about this

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Re: RSS Feeds & Reporting

When reusing the same email with different links, it can be handy -- if accommodated by your workflow -- to ensure that whenever links have the same semantic meaning, they have the same ID.  For example, if the topmost/featured link in the RSS feed is always <a id="featuredPost" ...> then you can look at the longitudinal performance of that Link ID over time.

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Re: RSS Feeds & Reporting

Agree with what Sanford is saying here for anyone who continues to have this problem.  I do not think the email is that important.  You are ultimately trying to drive individuals to view the physical posts, so the link performance is more what matters and as long as your links are unique and organized in some fashion, you should be set to report on performance.

You can probably change the email every once in a while to test subject lines for open rates, but I do not know if you need to do much more than that