Review Program Design Build

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Review Program Design Build

Hi all, 


I was hoping someone could review (my pretty dodgy) marketo process map, 

I am looking for guidance on which should just be programs and which should be nurtures and the best way to structure all of the interactions, 

If a prospect completes a form and are a current customer we plan on putting them in a current customer (default?) program with static list but we also want to acknowledge them via email.

For prospects who complete the form they will all;

 Receive a welcome email (welcome email program?) 

and at that point these will all be put into individual nurture programs based on two variables;  Per persona type and Geography (e.g.)  College Internationally

Should i be controlling the entry to each nurture program from within the nurture programs themselves or as a traffic controller program? The welcome email obviously sits above all this, so where is this controlled?

I have attached a really bad visual to explain, its just to make some clarity of this for me, thanks 🙂


Programs Build Visual.PNG

Any help would be much appreciated 🙂