Re: Revenue Explorer Lead Analysis Report - Need Help

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Revenue Explorer Lead Analysis Report - Need Help

Hi Everyone

In Revenue Explorer, specifically under the "Lead Analysis" Report type, I have a measure called "Number of Leads (Converted to Opportunity)":




Does anyone know the definition of this measure? Is it:

  • Leads in SFDC that were directly converted from Lead Object to Opportunity Object? (I'm doubting it)
  • People that hit "Opportunity" Stage in my Revenue Cycle Model? (Also doubting this, because this is probably a standard measure, and not everyone would have an RCM with "Opportunity")
  • Or, something else? Maybe a lead that was added to an Opportunity as a Contact Role?

I really wish Marketo had better documentation, specifically definitions on the measures for each report type. I know that when you hover over the item in the tree, it displays a pop up help text that explains the dimension or measure. But, in the case of the above, it just says "Number of Leads (Converted to Opportunity)"... So no help there!


Thanks everyone


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Re: Revenue Explorer Lead Analysis Report - Need Help

I will explain the complete process hoping that it would clear your doubts - 

When a lead enters the marketo system, it goes through several stages before it is won or lost(these stages are of-course configured as per the requirements e.g. Known, Engaged, MQL, SQL, SAL, Oppurtunity, Won/lost). With the SFDC configured with marketo a lead is synced with the SFDC, and as the lead progresses and reaches the threshold setup for the SQL, Sales will examine things like the lead’s job junction, company size, and industry classification. When they,  determine that based on these factors, the person with a raised hand is ready to be called on, the lead is sales-accepted. Post that if all goes well the lead is converted by Sales team in SFDC. When you convert leads, Salesforce creates accounts, contacts, and, opportunities using information from the leads you’re converting. Now in the back-end all the updates made to the lead on the SFDC side (SQL, SAL, Convert to Oppurtunity, Close) are synced back to marketo and the same is taken in to account for generating the reports

Also marketo has one flow step "Convert Lead" which could also be used for generating opportunities (and this will also be included in reports along with ones synced back from sfdc) When you use the Convert Lead Flow step it will convert your lead to a Contact and create a new Account and Opportunity as Marketo unfortunately cannot convert the Lead into an existing Account, because it can't determine automatically which Account to convert the Lead into. Thus, this flow action is not recommended, as it will create duplicate Accounts, hence conversion from CRM is always recommended.

Hope this helps 🙂


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Re: Revenue Explorer Lead Analysis Report - Need Help

+1 on this question.


It's proving really difficult to get clarity on certain topics relating to Revenue Explorer. Documentation is very basic. 


For what it's educated guess is that the "Number of Leads (Converted to Opportunity)" report is specific to leads who were added to Opportunity as a Contact Role.


Logically that option would make sense, since in most cases a Lead is converted to Contact, who may then become associated/attached to an Opportunity.


Then again the report results may be impacted based on the chosen Attribution Settings (i.e. Explicit vs Hybrid vs Implicit). It's unclear.


Hopefully someone on here can clarify!