Re: Revenue Cycle Explorer - is it worth it?

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Revenue Cycle Explorer - is it worth it?

Hi all,


inspired by this thread necromancy I wanted to ask about RCE, because it's a Marketo feature I'm not really familiar with. I think I understand that I need to build a model (this modeler comes with every Marketo subscription?) that I can then analyze with a reporting tool (that is not in every Marketo instance?). If I have a model, I need to build transitions, and then Marketo persons are automatically associated with the model's buckets.


Okay. Is it worth doing that? Will the Analyzer give me information I didn't have before? Will a running model have a negative impact on my instance's performance? Why can I only have one model approved at the same time?


If you could tell me either "Nah, don't waste your time on that" or "Yes, you definitely have to dive into this" - that would be great!



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Re: Revenue Cycle Explorer - is it worth it?

I have my hesitation for using RCM because it's essentially a replica of what a standard program can build (and you can have multiple such programs)