Retrieving response of a Munchkin API

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Retrieving response of a Munchkin API

Hi Marketo Ninjas,

My technical team has a question -
Is there any way of retrieving the response of Munchkin Associate lead call .How can the response for the same (Either success or failure) be captured in Java Script code.



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Re: Retrieving response of a Munchkin API

What failure(s), specifically, are you trying to catch? Failure is too broad a category.

A non-matching hash (associator token) will cause an HTTP-level error 401, for example. This should be de facto impossible because the token is generated on your server.

It's also possible, of course, for there to be a DNS or TCP-level error.

However, the absence of an error doesn't mean the association (and optional data value updates) is actually complete. That happens asynchronously.