Restricting Data Visibility

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Restricting Data Visibility

I have a question about limiting data access for certain users. We've tried restricting data access which partially worked; I was able to restrict user A from viewing data in terms of smart list etc, however user A was still able to view data (Name, email add, etc) under reports.

Any idea how to restrict complete data access?

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Re: Restricting Data Visibility

The only possibility for this is to use workspaces and partitions, which may have a cost. Once you have this option set up you can have the users restricted to some workspaces, which themselves will have only access to some of the partitions.


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Re: Restricting Data Visibility

WS/LP can work in the right circumstances, such as Customer vs. Lead data or regional breakdowns. Marketo isn't setup well for this type of lockdown, so it's a good Idea to post.

However, you can do some more work with Roles

  • No Lead View
  • No Lead Database, or limited DB.
  • No Smart Lists
  • No Analytics (although which report shows Email Address?? The Web Activity one?)