Responsive with Marketo Design Studio

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Responsive with Marketo Design Studio

Is this possible!? I want to setup a landing page thats responsive, but also something that you can go in and double click the content and edit it using the graphical interface. 

I have always just used the Template to host all the HTML and never really bothered with the landing pages (because it was simple enough for me) But a client requesting the best of both worlds. 

It's my understanding that the Marketo interface re-writes CSS Thus eliminating the responsivness that code in the template provides. 

Anyone know or have made a custom template that will work with design studio? 

As I understand it makEditable class will not work in Templates, just landing pages? 

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Re: Responsive with Marketo Design Studio

You can do it via tokens.  Here is a way to do it:
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Re: Responsive with Marketo Design Studio

See this thread for more details:

We're currently working on two projects related to responsive landing page design. The first part will be released in Marketo's January release and the other will be released in a few months. Stay tuned.