Request Campaign - No Results

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Request Campaign - No Results


Perhaps silly question, but I am seeing 0 results from a smart list with just the following criteria:

  • Campaign was Requested
    • Requested Campaign: is any

Additionally, when I try to use the Request Campaign logic in a flow step or from "Person Actions", I am seeing no available campaigns to request from the dropdown.

I am not the Admin on our account, so I'm wondering if there are permissions I need to request? What am I missing here?



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Re: Request Campaign - No Results


If you are not seeing any leads populate for the smart list filter of "Campaign was requested: is any", then two options are possible:

- you have not run any requested campaigns

- all leads that have been requested have since been deleted from Marketo

If you are not seeing a requested campaign listed then make sure it includes the trigger "Campaign is Requested" in the smart campaign's smart list and that it is activated.

More info: Request Campaign - Marketo Docs - Product Docs