Removing Social Buttons

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Removing Social Buttons


we closed our Instagram Account, which is why I would like to remove the Instagram Button from all our assets. Now I wonder if I have to adapt every snippet separately or can I remove the connection to Instagram from the Instance so it would delete automatically from all Assets as well. Any recommendations? 

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Re: Removing Social Buttons

As far as I know, there's not a "connector" to be able to disable this at a global level. It sounds like you'll need to work thru your snippets to remove the Instagram social icon from each one.


Another way to go about this would be to add some code to the template to hide the Instagram icon with CSS, but this would only be faster if the total number of templates you use for "all the pages" is less than the number of snippets you use for "all the pages". If, for example, you used 1 template to produce all your Landing Pages you could simply update the template or stylesheet in one place and push this change out globally.  If you're using a bunch of template, updating the snippet(s) is probably the better way to go here.