Registration Tracking by Email

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Registration Tracking by Email

I have an event program made up of: emails, email send campaigns, opened, clicked, and registration tracking campaign. The email send campaigns are designed to send the corresponding email. (Example: Campaign 01 sends Email 01, and so on.) There is one registration campaign for the entire program. My goal is to figure out how many registrations came from each email.

I have Emails 1 - 7, with X number of total registrations from all emails in the program. I want a registration count from the email responsible for making the recipient register. Any advice?

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Re: Registration Tracking by Email

Ok, not the fastest way, but how about...

7 smart lists. If clicked link in email 1, and not clicked link in emails 2-7, and filled out form. Then next smart list is if clicked link in email 2, and not clicked link in emails 3-7, and filled out form. And so on.

I could also see how for your next one you could use the add to list flow step to keep track.