Referencing Referring Landing Page form elements on ThankYou Page.

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Referencing Referring Landing Page form elements on ThankYou Page.

Hi All,

We create LPs in marketo, generate URL and then give the URL to certain vendors who then advertise the page on their platforms to help us get customers for our organization. These vendors have a certain tracking code(pixel code, like https://tracking.<vendornamehere>.com/SL6TA?adv_sub=LEAD_ID ) which has to be placed on the ThankYou page, so that they can track the number of customers they help us get. I do this by putting the code in an HTML box dragged from the right-hand side panel.

I am not sure if such a query has been posted on the community earlier, but this is what I am trying to achieve-

We have a program which has 2 landing pages (The main LP with Form fill and the follow-up ThankYou Page).

I have these fields in my form on the main landing page:-

Name, Email Address and Phone Number. (And all the fields have been marked *IsRequired)

Once a user fills in this form, he lands on the follow-up ThankYou page set by me; upon clicking the Register button.

Is there a way I can possibly capture as to which user (any one of the fields - Name, EmailAddress Or PhoneNumber) has landed on the ThankYou page?


If this user:

Name: Prabash


Phone: 9999900000

fills and clicks on Register and lands on the ThankYou Page, then I get to capture as to either 'Prabash' OR '' OR '9999900000' is the person who has filled up the form and landed on the ThankYou page.

This is what the tracking code looks like:-[[putting field to capture either one of the above]]

Do you people think this is possible?

It would be great if I could get some insight into this.




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Re: Referencing Referring Landing Page form elements on ThankYou Page.

Hi Prabash,

There is surely something that can be done with JS, intercepting the form.onSuccess and passing some info through the URL to the follow-up, so that the follow-up it-self can adapt.

But I would first probably try to add a field in Marketo to capture the vendor, and capture this info through a hidden field in the form.

Each vendor would have URL like this[vendorcode]. A hidden "vendorcode" field would capture the URL parameter and from this I would do many thing:

  • Put the vendor code as a token in the LP to define and display the tracking pixel
  • add the lead to a "vendor" list in Marketo
  • send an alert email to the vendor to provide the info
  • ...


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Re: Referencing Referring Landing Page form elements on ThankYou Page.

The first argument passed to onSuccess is specifically designed for this kind of thing.



    document.location.href = tyURL + '?adv_sub=' + vals.Email;

    return false;