Re: Redirecting Landing Page URLs

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Re: Redirecting Landing Page URLs

Hi Bérangère,

Switching back to English for the benefit of other readers

The technique above works to redirect a lead entering a page to another page after a few seconds.

It can work to redirect a thank you page to another page. If you want to do this, add the Meta tag at the top of the first Thank you page (the one that shows immediately after the form is filled out).

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Re: Redirecting Landing Page URLs

I tried your meta but even with 5 seconds or 10 it's still redirecting after 3 seconds. I've tried a few other scripts and html as well but no matter what number I insert it redirects after 3 seconds. Not a huge deal but we want users to be able to read the content we have before it redirects. Basically, we are redirecting past webinar registration LPs to this generic expired landing page which should then redirect after 5 seconds to our Webinar Resource web page. We wanted to add a little more content to what we have now but viewers wouldn't be able to catch it all in 3 seconds: 

This page currently has your meta tag in the Head HTML.