Redirect Rule not working on PDF URL

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Redirect Rule not working on PDF URL

Hi there!

We are trying to redirect the following URL:

To a landing page:

I've setup a redirect rule as follows:



When I click on the Original URL link, it goes to the original address. Do redirects not work for PDF links?

Any other ideas? Thanks in advance!


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Re: Redirect Rule not working on PDF URL

Yes, redirects w/PDFs are a special non-working case AFAIK.

Aside from switching to serving all your Marketo assets via CDN (where all asset types can be redirected equally) I'm not aware of a solution. A primitive approach is to create a single-page PDF with a button/link to the new page.

Note that if you're worried about old links in emails, you can run your own tracking server as well -- in which case you'd get first dibs on redirecting people from branding domain before they hit your LP domain. But this is not for the faint of tech skills and it's unlikely most people would want to do this (I like the control it gives you, but even I don't tell my clients to do it unless they ask).