Recommendations for a Mac-compatible CSV editor?

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Recommendations for a Mac-compatible CSV editor?

After years of fighting with Excel when cleaning up CSVs to upload to Marketo (tradeshow lists, etc.), it occurred to me that there has to be something better! I think we've all experienced Excel being "helpful" by turning a phone number into scientific notation, or changing a range (e.g. "1-10") into a number. Does anyone have a macOS tool that they like?

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Re: Recommendations for a Mac-compatible CSV editor?

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If your company has g-suite you can use import csv. bonus being that google sheets is quite smart at recognising the phone numbers. I don't recommend your personal Gmail account for handling sensitive information


On 'numbers' which is the standard mac application:

  1. Open the .csv file in a text editor like TextEdit on Mac.
  2. Do a find&replace. Find "," and replace with ";".
  3. Save the .csv file.
  4. Drag-and-drop the file onto the Numbers app icon.
  5. Apple Numbers displays the data in a new sheet.

Alternatively, the best way would not have to edit it. If I see a new variation of field name come across I'll always add it to the list import alias within-field management (under admin) I find this a tad quicker than having to map it on upload.


Hope that helps