"time" field offset by timezone?

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"time" field offset by timezone?

We've run into the limitation that we can't edit the ICS file timezone to differ from our own. So I'm looking into ways we can streamline other places that contain the time/timezone for a webinar.

Right now, we just have an html field where we've entered something like "11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM / ET"

I'd rather just enter one time/timezone, and have a velocity script or js adjust/offset that based on the end-user's local computer timezone.

Is there something for this, or could somebody point me in the right direction for this?

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Re: "time" field offset by timezone?

Velocity can't adjust based on the recipient's computer's timezone, since VTL is compiled on Marketo's side before the email is sent.

If you know the lead's primary timezone -- i.e. stored in a custom lead field, which is a very, very good idea -- then you can update the time in email content (if you look at my Velocity date examples, I do a lot with timezones).

JS on Landing Pages, on the other hand, will dynamically adjust, so if you instantiate a new Date() in the browser with the UTC time, you can display it in the computer's current timezone.