Question related with DMP and DSP...

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Question related with DMP and DSP...

Hi everyone,

I have two separate question related with Marketo platform.

First one is related with DMP integration. I checked the Launchpoint and saw that Marketo is able to connect with some third party platforms (DMP). Is it possible to integrate Marketo with another DMP different than these? For example, Oracle BlueKai..

Also is Marketo able to act as DSP (demand side platform) that  help the clients to buy display, video, mobile and search ads on different channels real time? And how is digital ads working on Marketo on non-owned websites of the clients?



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Re: Question related with DMP and DSP...

Hi Murat,

Can't speak directly to your DMP question as I'm not entirely sure what custom options could be built, but to my knowledge if they don't support the integration natively, you'd have to utilize some kind of webhook configuration to get data flowing between the systems which seems pretty intense knowing the large volumes of data DMPs usually house. As for Marketo as a DSP, I have no knowledge of this being possible at this time.

However, with the Adobe acquisition, I would hope that sometime relatively soon we'd see integrations with both Adobe's DMP and DSP offerings.