Python SDK for REST API - Schedule Send

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Python SDK for REST API - Schedule Send

Is there a way to extract the scheduled run date for a campaign via the official Python SDK for the Marketo Rest API? I see createdAt and updatedAt but those do not match the Scheduled Run Time on the UI screen.

If there is a will, there is a way.
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Re: Python SDK for REST API - Schedule Send

@wbarnes0113 ,

createdAt and UpdatedAt have nothing to do with the schedule for a Smart Campaign, so it's not surprising they don't match.


As best I can tell, you get everything through the python SDK (nothing particularly official about it BTW) that is made available through the Marketo API.!/Smart_Campaig...



Frustratingly, the details for a single scheduled run don't appear anywhere.  If the Smart Campaign is set for recurrence, you can work it out from there however.


Best of luck with it.