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Progressive Profiling

As I understand it, when you have a progressive form, your other parts of the form will always show. For example First name - Country, plus the progressive form (dependent on fields) e.g. company name. Is there a way, that if someone has filled out the first part of the form, for it to not show the second time a visitor gets to the landing page. 


I would like it to show the user the first time they visit the site, First name, last name, email address, country, opt-in and the rich text 'please tick if you would...'.



The next time they visit, not to see this and to only be shown 'company name', 'job title'.



I have tried to put all of these fields into the progressive form and select fields shown as 6 to show First Name to 'Please tick'. This however then only showed on the approved landing page, the first 6 options and the next time I visited the page it stayed the same. Company name and job title never showed. 


Any help would be great! Please see the screenshots below. 






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Re: Progressive Profiling

There's an inherent contradiction in what you're trying to do. If the checkbox (backed by Boolean) is not Required, then it will never be considered "filled" for ProgPro purposes. You must use a different  input type.


Also be aware that the way you're trying to simulate Pre-Fill is buggy and will break the form under some circumstances, you should use my Pre-Fill JS instead.