Program Success - Can count decrease too?

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Program Success - Can count decrease too?

Hello All,

First of all, thank you so much for helping me lately with all my Marketo queries.

I have a quick question:

For one of our email programs, I noticed my Program Success numbers were 1922 last week. However, when I check the Program Success this week, the number has reduced to 1913. Is that normal? If so, what might be the reason - Unsubscribed?

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Re: Program Success - Can count decrease too?

Yes, count can decrease if people are removed from a program, or if the member status of a person changes to a non-success status. So if you have an "Unsubscribe" member status for email programs, and its step is after a successful status like "Clicked" or "Opened", and you have a corresponding Smart Campaign changing their status upon unsubscribing, then your success number will drop as people move from Clicked/Opened to Unsubscribed.

Take a look at how your channels and member statuses are set up. If you look at the email program summary, you should see "Members by Program Status." There will be a list of all your member statuses and ones with a green checkmark are considered successes. Remember people can only move forward through statuses, so if you have a non-success status after a success status, that's likely the reason for the number dropping.

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Re: Program Success - Can count decrease too?

In addition to all of the scenarios Jesse mentioned - have you deleted anyone from your database recently? Do you have any ongoing data management campaigns that may have?