Program Import Issues - New UI?

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Program Import Issues - New UI?

We are in the midst of a Marketo-to-Marketo migration and seem to be having lots of challenges with Program Importing. 


I have been a Marketo user for over ten years and previously the import functionality seemed to work like this:

1. If a form was attempted to be migrated where the field did not exist in the new instance, the import wizard would throw errors saying that the field doesn't exist and the form would not be created

2. If an email containing a dynamic snippet was attempted to be moved over via the import wizard, an error would be given via email and the import would not proceed

3. If a form embedded within a program already has the same form name in the target instance, the existing form will be leveraged in landing pages, smart campaigns, etc instead of creating a duplicate form


It seems that now (October 2020) we are now experiencing the following behavior when faced with these scenarios: 

1. The form is created with no errors but the form fields are "shells" if the field does not exist and must be remapped (or removed and added back within the form) 

2. For the emails containing a dynamic snippet, no error is given, the program is now imported without an error message but the email itself does not transfer over. As soon as the dynamic snippet is removed (from the old instance), the email with the program comes over with no issues

3. Forms embedded in Marketo LPs and smart campaigns are now replicated without attention to whether a form with the same name already exists, resulting in duplicated forms


We are experiencing these issues in a new instance that has been upgraded to the October 2020 UI - perhaps something is related to this?


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Re: Program Import Issues - New UI?

You should create a support ticket

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