Prioritizing the Campaigns

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Prioritizing the Campaigns

We have to create multiple widget campaigns (8 campaigns) but all matching the same segment. If we setup the priority of any campaign over other 7 camaigns then only that campaign be showing up for the segment match and others will never show up? Please correct if I am wrong.

Is there a way that other campaigns also show up or these display equally on the segment matches. Don't want to use A/B testing. Any help would be apprecaited



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Re: Prioritizing the Campaigns

I'm not quite following your use case.

If you want to prioritize, you can schedule the batches in a staggered format such that each one excludes the other in some way.

Campaign 1: run once at 12am

Campaign 2: run once at 1pm, MEmber NOT IN Campaign 1


there are probably other ways depending on how your fields and things are set.