Preventing Membership of Multiple streams

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Preventing Membership of Multiple streams

We are running two webinars: One on HR, one on Payroll. Some attendees will attend only 1. Others may attend both. I've set up a nurture programme for each group. Most of the content in the streams will be the same, but a few of the early pieces will be subject specific.

What can I/should I do to ensure that people who attend both webinars don't end up getting emails from both streams? It is possible to apply if/then logic. If member of both, only add to Payroll stream?

I'd prefer not to have to set up a new stream for 'Attending Both', because each webinar actually already has 2 streams (1 for new leads and 1 for older leads who went through similar stream 5 months ago). Adding yet another 2 streams and respective campaigns will likely make my head explode


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Re: Preventing Membership of Multiple streams

Are you using 1 Engagement for all webinars, or 2 or more Engagement Programs?

You can be in multiple Programs, but in only ONE Stream per Program at a time.

Ideally you setup some sort of central choice steps to handle the preferred order of Program+Stream. Sometimes called a Traffic Cop.

  • If Attends ANY Webinar, then
    • If member of Smart List IN "Both Webinars", then Add to Stream X
    • if Member of Webinar 1, Add to Stream 1
    • if Member of Webinar 2, Add to Stream 2

you may need some logic to pause or Change Streams instead. Marketo's fairly smart if the person is in Stream X and you Add to Stream Y, it will move the record.

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Re: Preventing Membership of Multiple streams

Right now everything lives 1 Nurture Program with 4 Streams:

  • HCM Newbies
  • HCM Oldies
  • Payroll Newbies
  • Payroll Oldies

And there are 8 campaigns controlling membership (I might have overcomplicated that...but it's the only way that made sense to me given fact that registration has already begun.):

  • Add HCM Newbies (Batch Members)
  • Add HCM Newbies (Triggered Members) (ie from now till event, when lead completes form they'll be added as member)
  • Add HCM Oldies (Batch Members)
  • Add HCM Oldies (Triggered Members)
  • Add Payroll Newbies (Batch Members)
  • Add Payroll Newbies (Triggered Members)
  • Add Payroll Oldies (Batch Members)
  • Add Payroll Oldies (Triggered Members)

Where in the nurture program controls does the traffic cop conditions/logic/steps you mention live?

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Re: Preventing Membership of Multiple streams

Hi Shelly,

We are doing something similar although we have two different programs but the logic is the same. I re-created your example and what you would need is 4 static lists and 4 smart campaigns. Each smart campaign would fire if someone attended that webinar. In my example, someone attended the HCM Newbie webinar. They would then get added to the HCM newbie list, wait two minutes, and then look to see if they are a member of the other 3 lists. If they are, nothing happens to change their stream. If they aren't a member of the other 3 lists, they would get added to the stream for whichever webinar they attended. I  have a screenshot below of the flow steps.

You could also add a step to remove them from a list after x amount of days if you want them to be able to qualify for other streams after x amount of months.