Preparing email ahead of time

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Preparing email ahead of time

Hi there.

A very basic question that I'm trying to find in documentation.

When I want to send an email, I use "new program" through "Marketing Activities". The "Email" section at top right doesn't give me the option to select an email that's always been prepared...I can only create something new on the spot.

Is there an easy way someone can suggest for me to create an email ahead of time that I can actually send? Ditto a data list.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.



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Re: Preparing email ahead of time

You'd want to create an email program template.


Within that template, you would have the email you want to prep, and also the smart list. If you right-click on the email program folder and select "New local asset" and then select the email and then do the same for the smart list.


Then just clone from that template whenever you are creating new email programs. This help maintain future lists and edits to the email template too.