preference center

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preference center

Is there a way to create a preference center for email addresses?

as in - rather than opting out, give the subscriber the option to receive only:

promotional emails

event based emails


Can that be handled in Marketo?

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Re: preference center

Hi Dee -

I regularly build preference centers for my clients using a Marketo form with check boxes instead of the blanket unsubscribe.  The key is to make sure you have a boolean field associated with each type of content that you will reference on your form. I also enable form pre-fill, so that if they are a known lead, their preferences (and email address) are automatically populated when reaching the page via an email.  When a new lead is created from a form fill-out, you can set defaults (receives all content, or only newsletters, etc.)

Once your preference center is live, you can create smart lists to sort who is subscribed to which content, and then reference those smart lists in your programs.

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Re: preference center

Yes, this can be done. Please do a search for "preference center" and "subscription management" to find ideas.

Key components

  • update Email in Admin to point to new page
  • update any email footers
  • page
  • list of options you wish to provide
  • checkbox fields that are synced to CRM
  • samples to put on the form as a link or ? hover.
  • static and smart lists to manage
  • triggers to handle total unsubscribes
  • process for emailing each group.