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preference center campaigns



We are in the process of implementing a Preference center. We have so far created the forms and related landing pages for subscription and confirmation of subscription. We are lost in created the needed campaigns. Can someone help?


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Charlotte Berthoud 

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Re: preference center campaigns

Oh wow Charlotte,


That depends so much on what you already have set up so far, which fields you need to manage, etc.

The one thing that will bring some structure into the process based on my experience is to focus on the different scenarios you have for changes to a person's preference entering Marketo. For each scenario, review each field that is involved in your preference management and decide what needs to be done with that field for the specific scenario. Some options:

- The field is changed in Marketo as input for your scenario, so you do not need to change it with your smart campaign.

- As a result of a change in input your field needs to be updated as well.

- For the specific scenario nothing needs to be changed for the field.

A simple excel matrix to map this can clarify things tremendously.

If you have an overview like this, you can create a smart campaign per scenario to handle the required updates.

For a simple opt-in / unsubscribe model this will be pretty simple, but if you add partial opt-ins, mirror opt-ins, single vs double opt-ins or winback scenarios it could get complicated quickly.


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